Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Goodbye

With wisdom in his eyes and love in his heart, he never let you stray to far.
He told you truth and showed you the way, so that you could live for Christ each day.
Now he's gone and his words still ring true, Grandpa if we could only all live like you.
I will miss this man, more than words could describe, but now you sit by Jesus side.
And I know Grandma's there, probably stroking you hair, eager to share all that's there.
I wish we could have celebrated your brithday with you, in 7 days you would have been 92.
But now I am sure as you walked through the pearly gate, God has arranged a "Big Band" to play.
And I am sure everyone was dancing to welcome you in, and in your new body you danced again.
I thought I would see you in a few days, but now I have to wait aways.
Yet when we reunite, it will be such a sight, but now I will live with all my might,to fight the good fight
run the race I'm given
press on towards heaven

I miss you Grandpa. I miss you more than you will know. But I am glad that you are with Christ now, and I am glad you knew we were all on our way to see you. Thanks for being everything that you were and will always be!


Laura said...

This is so beautiful, Cheryl! Thank you for sharing. I love you! RE: Me.

Eric and Paige said...

This brought tears to my eyes! So sweet. I'm so sorry for your loss.


Naomi said...

I love your poem. Your grandpa sounds very special, and I hope that he can read your blog from heaven.