Tuesday, December 30, 2008

4138 Miles Apart with mornings together

Laura and Cheryl

So one of my best friends bought me this awesome book for Christmas. It is these two friends who live a little over three thousand miles apart and decide to share their mornings together. So every day they take a picture sometime before noon and share it with each other. They are beautiful. It is like you get a sneak peak into each morning of these two friends.
Anyway, Laura and I have decided to do that as well. So we have a blog especially for it. I started taking pictures right away so I could get in the habit before we officially start, which I believe will be Jan. 1st. The blog is http://www.lauraandcheryl.blogspot.com/

I cannot wait to see the different and unique ways that Laura and I see and go about our mornings and the similar ways that we go about our mornings as well. It is also awesome because Laura has helped me to completely get excited to do photography again and even inspired me to put my pictures up on a website http://www.gloryphotography.org/

Lastly, there is a little something that Laura pointed out to me and I googled it just to see it for myself, but if you want to travel the 4138 miles from Centennial CO to Kailua HI, you drive to Washington state, then you get in a Kayak (which if you know me makes me super happy that they decided that it is best to Kayak) and kayak 2756 miles to Turtle Bay in Oahu. So if you are ever interested, now you know! How I wish I could be good enough and crazy enough to do that. It does however take 15 days and two hours. So just FYI!


Jada said...

YEA, for coming to WA State:)That is a pretty awesome idea, too! Jada

Laura Lily said...

Oh, you have no idea how excited this all makes me: our picture-taking adventure, your new excitement about photography and your website, and the kayaking! That might just be my favorite part! I love you so much and I can't wait unitl the 1st to officially get this new journey under way. I love you, Cheryl! RE: RE: RE: Me!

Tyintil3 said...

I would sure love to hear some more stories from your life.