Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Ahhhh moments:

1. waking up to a fresh snow
2. Drinking a good, hot cup of coffee or Chai
3. Staying up late talking with friends
4. Watching Aaron talk with guys like Nate about comic books and stuff I can't hold a conversation with him about!
5. Stepping off the plane in Prague
6. Listening to Norah Jones while driving in the mountains
7. Eating at great mom and pop resturants like Jans in Buena Vista
8. Being behind the lens of a camera
9. Sitting at a pub with Georgey, Cilco, and Aaron
10. Laying on my white couch while it is raining and the french doors are open
11. Painting in my messy room
12. Writing ANYTHING
13. watching a student "get it"
14. Putting on warm socks on a cold winter day
15. Laying in the Hammock on a cool summer evening
16. Gardening with my husband
17. Picking grapes off our grape vine and eating them
18. Playing old school NES and eating corn dogs
19. Going on a long walk around the neighborhood
20. Giving gifts to people who I know will enjoy them
21. Investing in lives of leadership and letting them know how grateful I am for them
22. Watching Jadon and Jami play
23. Eating Swedish Meatballs and opening Christmas presents
24. Laying in bed and talking with my husband about his day
25. Reading something in the Bible and having it hit me in a whole new way

AHHH Pictures

In the Czech Republic under that Charles Bridge

In South Carolina's hills while it was drizzling

In North Carolina after a major rain storm

In Budapest on a Dinner/Boat Cruise

In the Czech Republic on a hike with Valdek, Kuba, and Marta

In Hawaii watcing the sunset and looking for the "green flash"
(Which we say, but it isn't really a flash)

Thanks to Laura for these two pictures!!! Man what I would give to live in Hawaii during moments like these. I am jealous of her!

A Sunset Laura saw on Thanksgiving

The same day!

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Alyssa said...

Cheryl you make me so happy... And think you were a major influence in helping me to realize Ahhhhh moments and for that I wish you many more...