Friday, November 30, 2007

Erasers: I WANT ONE

I love, and have loved for a long time, a good solid eraser. Seriously, what awful thing it is to be writing with a pencil, then you mess up, you turn the pencil around, and the eraser is hard and crusty, or even worse, it is flesh with the metal part and scrapes if you use it. AWFUL I tell you. I like erasers, I like to be able to just go over the things that I don't want and get rid of them. Any mistake, and thought, any reality...POOF....gone! What a great feeling that is. If only that could happen in real life when I make a mistake. Let's just erase that and pretend it didn't happen. However, God didn't make us with erasers attached, sadly. But what I find interesting is that HE is our eraser. It is through Christ that we can have our mistakes and screw-ups erased. What a beautiful thing. And he never wears down, you never need to get a new one.

And truly, to run with the analogy, if we let him be the one to write our story, we don't even need erasers. How crazy is it that Jesus is our eraser, our lead, our writing utensil, and yet, the only reason that there is an eraser attached is so that he can take away the mistakes when we try to write out how we want things to be. He takes away our mistakes when we try to mess up his story.

Now as a writer, I can't imagine how I would feel if I was trying to write this amazing story and someone kept coming in and trying to take control and change it. I can see my eraser wearing out very quickly, much like my patience and grace. But God lovingly erases and waits for us to ask him to be our author again. Man, what a hard thing to comprehend.

But thank you God for ERASERS!!!

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KJ said...

A big part of me things that many of the mistakes are what makes our story fun reading in the first place. If we had an eraser, we would erase a bunch of our crud, which in turn would eliminate the need for superman to save us. A perfect life doesnt need a perfect God. I guess a perfect story is a boring read =) Maybe mistakes to us are elements of a good story to God. Maybe grace was a part of the writing package. What if, our mistakes are what makes his story perfect? So technically, if we had an eraser, we would erase what we would think were mistakes, but those were the rockin parts of his story? =)

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