Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The four J's...

I love this family so dearly. I was transfering my pictures from one computer to another and looked over all these pictures of this family. And I cannot help but just stand completely amazed at how God brought them into my life. We always laugh now because at first I didn't even want to meet them, then I ended up babysitting for them, then I ended up living with them, then we ended up becoming truly family. I was their when their daughter was born, I was there when their son took their first steps, I was there when all the family was over, I was there for moments of laughter, I was there for moments of sorrow and they were there for my stress of my masters, they were there when I got my first gift from this guy named Aaron, they were there to answer the door when this guy named Aaron took me out on my first date, they were there when I married this man Aaron, they where there for moments of laughter, they were there for moments of sorrow, and now we are all family. We all know each other so well. We know the good, the bad, and the ugly, and everything in between. I am so glad to have them in my life and I am so glad that God allowed me to grow so close to them.

These kids are right now the only niece and nephew that I have. To them we are Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Aaron (which used to be Ernie when the kids were learning to talk...both of them said it too). I have so many amazing memories with these two. Jadon is my tough guy with a very kind and compassionate spirit. Jamison is my princess with a strong will but tender heart. I remember when Jadon meet Jamison for the first time, he looked at her and instantly gave her a kiss. From before she was even born Jadon knew he had to protect her, and protect her he did. If anyone said "my Jami" he would look at you and give you the most serious look and in the lowest firmest tone a young boy can have he would say "NO, my jamison". And that is how it is with them. They love each other and protect each other...since day one!


Wendell said...

And the narrowness of my experience, I always thought that such families existed only on the mission field, specifically Asia, more specifically, Borneo. Very glad to know God is bigger than my experience - pth!

Jada said...

Now, why did you have to go and do that? Should have brought the tissues with me to read your blog. Doesn't take much for me to cry these days.

You know I love you!

~one of the J's

Naomi said...

That's really sweet.
Now, can we be family? I was thinking we could be sisters, but that's too boring. Let's be step-cousins. Or, you could be my aunt-in-law. We'll have to think about it for a while. I don't want to force you into something that you're not completely comfortable with.
But yeah, those kiddos are sweeties. Jadon was like Lassie when Roxanne was stuck on the playset. He ran into to get me and was like, "Roxanne's in trouble! Come quick!"