Monday, March 31, 2008

My husbands world

If there was one thing I could give to my husband, it would be a life full of moments like these!

Tom (sitting in the chair) has cut Aaron's hair since he was little. All the boys got their hair cut for Aaron's and my wedding...they thought Tom needed a little trim to.

Cabo San Lucas paradise/Honeymoon. Nothing has ever topped this week.

Just us, being us! No more, no less.

Jadon and Jami Swanson can make Aaron light up in a way no one else can. He loves these kiddos and they love their Uncle Aaron!

And this...this is Aaron's heaven.

I love you Aaron and I pray that your life will have many more memories such as these! With all my love!

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Naomi said...

If there was one thing I could give to your husband it would be.... well lets just say it wouldn't be any of things you said. Tell him he better watch it!!!