Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random ramble

There have been so many things on my mind lately that I can hardly wade through it all. Therefore, I am going to create a list of random things that are in my jam-pack mind to hopefully lodge the unimportant stuff loose and be able to tackle what I need to. And beyond that, lists are just fun. And you want to know why they are fun? Because you can put a number in front of almost anything and all the sudden it becomes important. For example my good friend Naomi wrote a list of things she loves about her husband and in it was...
17. His shirts are soft.

Now normally that wouldn't be a really important thing but because the list had a title of "100 things I love about Matt" and number 17. was infront of the statment, it made it important.

Anyway, here is my VERY RANDOM list of
"Things swirling through my head"

1. I hope that I get a really cool tree for my birthday...yes I want a tree for my brithday!
2. Who will take my receptionist position so that I will be able to start working in my new role as the Serve Asia Facilitator?
3. I am excited to see where in the world this new job will take me.
4. What are some wicked fun things that we can do with our church that will help church not look so boring?
5. Why is it so hard for people to love one another?
6. I am very excited to go to Czech!!!
7. Who will be in my Czech class this year?
8. I want to plant tons and tons of flowers.
9. I am also excited to get fresh veggies this year from our garden.
10. I feel like so many people in our church need to know that they are loved and appreciated, how can this happen?
11. I want to see my friend Laura so badly! I would give almost anything to be walking on the beach while we both had our cameras in hand taking pictures of the tide or whatever else is interesting at the moment.
12. I hope that Aaron can really get refreshed soon!
13. I want a day where I can wear flipflops, a ribbon in my hair, have my sunroof open and drive up to the mountains and kayak while listening to some music that I can blast and sing along to...and possibly annoy Aaron with.
14. My coffee is cold.
15. I am really really really excited about my new job!

And there are many more, but I think that will sufice for now.


Naomi said...

Matt's shirt ARE soft, though!!

Marti said...

excited about your new job, too - and hope it doesn't mean I'll see less of your smiling face!

The days for flip-flops and hair ribbons are coming, soon.