Thursday, February 28, 2008

Asia's splendor

I remember, as a first grader, my best friend at school was Thai, her name was Oeay (nickname) or Warunya was her real name. I remember being at her house all the time eating noodles and rice and playing by the wonderful reminders that they had up of their Thai home. I remember eating at a Thai resturant her cousin's parents owned (previously it was called Wild known as Wild Ginger). I remember being facinated by her culture, even at a young age.

As I grew up I gained a love for the American attempt as Asian food. Many of my friends and I would make going out for Chinese a wonderful treat on new years eve, or any other important event, like needing to discuss a boy problem, or having a sleep over. It was a source of comfort to me.

Then again, as I began to register for my wedding, Aaron and I decided that we wanted to have an "Asian" theme in our house as much as possible. We wanted some of the simplicity that it brings. We almost got a table that was low to the floor so that we could sit on pillows and eat (but we didn't think it would be condusive to having many people over).

And now I find myself thinking about Asia. Thinking about how through my life, there have been little things that have connected me with the culture and made me extremely curious about it. I find myself thinking of the beauty, the uniqueness, the sweet faces that I have seen. And so the other day I looked up pictures of many different countries in Asia. And more and more I am just in awe of each culture and each type of beauty that there are in so many different places in the world. I have seen many different parts of Europe. I have been to almost all 50 states in America. And now I find myself pondering about all the different Asian cultures. Like Europe or the states, I know that each one has it's own beauty and own splendor. So here are some pictures I found that just facinate me and give me a little bit of wanderlust!

Thank you google images for increasing my desire to travel all over the world!

How I would love to stand next to these deep strong roots!

I have seen cathedrals and castles in it would be wonderful to see temples and palaces in Asia.

I remember even in Czech seeing prayer flags. What an interesting and intriguing thing.

Can I just tell you how many movies I have seen filmed in Japan that just make me want to hop on a plane instantly?!! This is why Aaron and I want a Japanese garden.

WOW. Need I say more?

I wouldn't mind being here right now!


kvewing said...

I too am deeply fascinated with the Asian culture, and this only enhances my desire to travel and soak the beauty in myself! Thank you for adding to my dreams and encouraging me to get excited just by posting these photos!

Wendell said...

And what shall we say to these things? All my years growing up in Asia, I glimpsed these things, but to see them fresh like this....may God increase his own beauty through such things! For his glory, and our hope in years to come, that even when memories fade, we will still remember in the dark, God is......beautiful.

.::JoSePhIne::. said...

Great pictures!