Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A weekend in COLORado!

I LOVE COLOR. And I love Colorado. AND I love the fact that Colorado has the word Color in it. I really believe I was meant to live here. Truly! And if I was ever unsure about that fact, then all I would have to do is take a look at my weekend and it would remind me why I am here! Here are some highlights and colors of my amazing weekend!
SATURDAY: we bought our Kayak!
Kayak: Color-Red, Yellow, Orange.
Life vest: Color: Light Purple (with butterflies on the back)

SUNDAY: we spent the day with the Swansons, the Classens, The Becktels, and Allison and her mom. We also spent it with Jelly Bellys!!!
Jamison: Color: pink spring flowers and tons of laughter and hugs

Jadon: Color: Light blue and lots of silly faces

Jelly Bellys: Color: any you can imagine. Truly this is how color should taste too!

MONDAY: This was my birthday and I woke up to a garden and breakfast made by Allison.
Garden: Color: anything bright and fun
Seed Packets: Color: White and tan with pictures of flowers on them
Garden tools: Color: silver and tan
Fake Grass: Color: green

Edible arrangement: Color: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple (bowl) and Chocolate (it's a color and a piece of heaven!)

Balloons: Color: All the colors of a rainbow (Aaron told them he didn't care what they looked like, there just had to be LOTS of colors...that's how I know he loves me)

Birthday party dinner: Colors: The personalities added so many colors, but my favorite color was watching my mom laugh which would be a bright golden!

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