Monday, March 24, 2008

The Grand Canyon only few see!

(you can see all the pools here that you can jump from...but I didn't take this one)

Mile one, switchbacks. Going down the canyon wall is not as hard a going up, but it can still be grueling in the desert heat. Mile two through eight, the dried river bed. Walking through here is normally very relaxing and enjoyable. You don't have much incline or decline, but once again, you have to bewere of the heat. And at the end of mile eight, you begin to hear what sounds like a rushing water. But can it be? In the middle of the Grand Canyon desert heat? As you approach the Havasu Pai village you begin to realize, that yes, you are hearing water and in fact, it is more beautiful than you imagined. Mile nine and ten, from the village onward. As you walk away from the village, you begin to hear the water louder and louder. You pass a fairly hidden waterfall called Navajo falls. You can only see about 10% of it, which doesn't do it any justice, but even at 10% it still takes your breath away. Then you walk some more and as you cross a bridge and turn a corner all of the sudden on the right side of you is one of the most breath taking things you have ever seen. Havasu falls. You have to stop just to soak in the beauty and suddenly ever second of walking and desert heat becomes worth it. Once you get your breath back, you continue to walk down to the campsite, only about a 1/4 mile further. You get things set up and contemplate, do I go back to Havasu falls right now or continue to explore. So you explore and as you walk you start to hear the sound of another grand waterfall. This time it is Mooney falls which you see from the top. You can hike down through caves and steep ladders. However, you notice that there is a rope swing going from one pool into the other, so you decide to wait until you can go play the next day. As you sit at your camp your mind rushes about all the possibilites of the next day. You can go to Navajo falls and jump around, you can swim behind Havasu falls, you can climb down to Mooney falls and swing on the rope swing, you can swim up the river and climb up the pools to Havasu or swim back down them to your camp sight jumping from pool to pool! THIS IS MY GRAND CANYON! This is how I know it and how I love it. And few will get here, but it is extremely worth it.

This is the Indian village that you walk through.

Havasu Falls (This was thanks to google, most of my pictures aren't on this computer!) This is the most popular of the three.

Navajo falls (thanks to google again!) This is the widest of the three.

Mooney falls

This is Allison Edwards at the bottom of Mooney falls. This is by far the tallest of the three.

PS...Naomi have I convinced you to go yet?


Naomi said...

Oh you conviced me a long time ago.

Amy Taylor said...

Oh! This is my most favorite spot in the U.S. My husband and I (and 2 friends) backpacked down to the reservation in 1999. While I did not fall in love with the village or people (sad to say), I did fall in love with the falls. Someday I will go back. Maybe with our kids.

Loved your pictures. They bring back great memories.