Monday, November 10, 2008

Floating Villages

As you go down the Mekong River, you see these pockets of villages, mostly Vietnamese trying to get by through fishing and keeping the cost of living low and having their homes floating on the river instead of owning land. As we were speeding by I realized that there are some using the bathroom in the water while others just down a few houses are getting drinking water. There is both spiritual and physical poverty here in abundance. There are some we have on the field wanting to get a book published that will help people to understand some of the basics of keeping well but the goverment doesn't want it published because they fear they will not be given foreign aid as it promotes self-healthcare and not govermental. Now the book will have to be published privately with the funds from the people themselves. May this be a cause that people will come around so that as they feel physically healthy they will become spiritually healthy.

This is a picture of a temple seen from the river and truly shows the contrast of wealth and poverty that is here.