Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Loves the little Children

One of the hardest things for me so far was seeing all these beautiful children in them temple. However, it was very powerful when a childhood song that I used to know came into my head and reminded me that J. loves the little children...all the children of the world!


Yesterday we went to a temple in Chiang Mai. It was so interesting to watch so many people worship all of these different images that were cracking and fading. How different it would be if they knew that they didn't have to pour oil over a candle or walk around the temple a certain number of times for the Real G. to clear their s-n. It was amazing to see all of the THINGS that needed to be done. How great that we can just ask. That is the amazing difference in a relationship and rituals.

We also went to the night market and on the way home drove a tuk tuk (once again don't know the exact spelling) home. On the way we saw the building where all the prosititues sit outside waiting to be chosen. I wish I could explain to them that they already were chosen and loved in a much more beautiful way.

It has been so beautiful to be out here even though I miss many things...namely my hubby and my friend Sarah who should be having her baby today!!!


Marti said...

Great pics - thanks for posting them!

Naomi said...

Wow! I love the picture of the little girl. I especially love the way her blush is put on her cheeks in a round circle- it is so cute! It is the same way Roxanne would put on blush.