Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Numbers and Lists

My trip by numbers and lists

6-Serve Asia workers met
2-of us traveling
1,000+-times I have thought I wished Aaron was here
600+-pictures taken so far
5-stamps on my passport so far

Ways I have traveled
  1. Plane
  2. Boat
  3. Train
  4. Taxi
  5. Tuk Tuk
  6. Sung Tao
  7. Motorbike
  8. The Travellator (see picture below in travelator blog)
  9. Walking

Things I have learned

  1. That financially it is smart for families to send their sons off to be monks: They are fed and educated and they don't need to pay for it
  2. That it makes me sick to my stomach to see young girls sitting outside a hotel waiting to be picked for the night's events
  3. That Karma is so misunderstood: One of our missionaries met a boy with a cleft lip and most people were horrible to this little boy (of about 6) saying that it was Karma because he must have done something bad in a past life. The cruelty he faced was horrible. (Side note now he is a Christian and there was someone who came out and was able to fix it!)
  4. Many people don't understand that our goal in our jobs really is to see people go over short term with a long term impact on their lives...a discipleship process. Many think short-term trips is a glorified vacation.
  5. That motorbikes are as scary as they look when you are in Asia...but G-d is greater than the scary driving
  6. That there are so many simple ways that peoples lives can be changed if there are just more people who are willing to work on the fields if G-d calls them.
  7. That every day two people die in Cambodia because of an undiscovered land mine.
  8. That so many people make offerings to things they don't even know...especially tourists who go to temples.
  9. That I really miss good chips and salsa.
  10. That so many of the long-termers are such amazing and beautiful people and how grateful I am for what they are doing.

Favorite things I have seen:

  1. Children playing and waving
  2. The wonderful colors at the Market
  3. Pictures of people healed from disease, women rescued from prostitution, simple procedures made accessible to those before unable to get them.
  4. The homes of many of the long-termer and their wonderful children
  5. Fruit-it is even refreshing to see when you are in this heat!

Songs that have come into my head:

  1. Wild Horses-Natasha Beddingfield
  2. My Redeemer Lives-Nicole C. Mullins
  3. J. loves the little children
  4. Say-John Mayer
  5. Do you feel the Mountains Tremble

Things you can pr-y for:

  1. That I will be able to embrace this last week and have G-d strenght daily
  2. That I can focus on being here and not going back home (I am missing it dearly)
  3. That I will be able to stomach all the food that I eat
  4. That I won't get more bug bites
  5. That Mandy and I will continue to have a great time together
  6. That the heat won't get to me especially while I wear pants and long sleeves
  7. That we will be safe when traveling
  8. That I will be positive for this last push of the trip
  9. That I can process all I have been through!

Thanks so much for all of you who are reading this and keeping updated on this trip and walking through it with me!


Wendell said...

Good stuff, CE - thanks for writing it out! Will be pr-ying!

AllisonLynn said...

. . .and you will never be the same! Do you feel like your heart is being stretched in directions you never thought possible??

Jada said...

Will be pying. Love you!

Naomi said...

I can't wait to see all 600 of the photos!

pmfh said...

Just keep rockin' -- you guys are remembered here, so don't carry on in your own strength. Go on as you began!


Nia said...

This is a fantastic list! You said many people thought the boy deserved his condition because he must have done something bad in his past life, but don't they realize that they are being horrible to him in this life??

I hope you have gotten to fully process your trip since you've been back. Love you!