Monday, November 3, 2008

So far...

The First few days: (out of order)

Singapore Airport:
Aaron you would have loved the real gardens
Hong Kong Airport (Naomi this is as much as I got to see but I took this for you!)
When I was flying out here I was thinking about what the smells that I would experiance. However I must say that as I was driving in the taxi I just kept thinking, "This makes me think of Wild Ginger" (A local Thai resturant) which just made me want to eat Panang Curry or Pad Thai. However I had just come off 26 hours of flying and about 12 meals (or so it felt).
It has been very interesting to be traveling so far away from all I know. However, for the last day and a half I have been around a great group of Serve Asia Field side coordinators, mostly Americans and Europeans and Aussi's. Which has maybe been a good transiton for me to slowly get to know Asia. It is also humid like the South so I am able to relate to that as well.

Today however Mandy and I are going to a temple here in Chiang Mai and taking a sungtao (have no idea how to spell that) up there so I am sure I will be having my first real dose of culture today! We are also going to the night market which will be a great place to see the local working class and to get a taste for what life can be like out here.

Tomorrow we will be on a train ride down to Lopburi, Thailand and so therefore I won't be able to write about my experiance for a few days but I promise I will.

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Jen said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts daily as you travel and explore and learn all about this part of the world! Can't wait to hear all the details when you get back!