Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lopburi Youth Center

The student leading the cell group

Off and Pung-the couple running the Youth House

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. I felt awful in the afternoon. It was 36 degrees C which is 97 degrees F. Yes I had to look that up! I was a bit dehydrated and I had an horrible headache. On top of that, it was a day when I was really struggling missing Aaron.

In the morning we had spent about four hours at a pr-yer meeting where we got to hear some amazing things that are happening on the field. It was so neat to hear about how many things are going on just in the central region of Thailand. However, afterwards the elements caught up with me and I had to rest. I just wanted to go home. So we went back to the home we were staying at and I spend the next hour pr-ying and resting. Then that evening, we went to the Lopburi Youth Center.

It was absolutely the exact thing I needed. It was an encouragement to see what is being done there. We got to see some other Serve Asia workers, we got to see a student leading the cell group, and got to meet a very faithful Thai couple that loves on these kids right where they are at. The moment the students walk in the door they know they are cared for. What the perfect thing for me to see that stirred my heart and made me excited. Even if that was the only thing I came on this trip for, it would be good! However, I know that there is more to come. But here are some pictures from last night!

Some of the other students

On a side note, I am doing much better today. I am feeling a bit better and got to talk to both Aaron and my mom on the phone for a very short time. Please keep me in your thoughts. Pr-y that I will be able to get rest and that my body will remain healthy. I have fear that a cold is coming on. Also that I will be able to really enjoy my time. We have a pretty intense schedule in front of us.
Miss you all! Love, Me

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I love you. I miss you. And we are praying for you. Jada