Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Personality DNA

I found this cool website called "personal DNA" and it is pretty fun to take and see what comes out of it. It is something like a DISC test where you find out more and more about yourself. It could be a great tool to use for a staff or even for a family. Here is what it said about me...

What does any of this mean? Well let me break it down just a bit. (By Colors Left to Right)

Red: Very High Confidence
Light Purple: Very High Extroversion
Yellow: Very High Femininity
Sea Green: Very High Openness
Black: Slightly High Attention to Style
Royal Blue: Slightly High Trust
Lime Green: Very Aesthetic
Light Blue: Slightly High Spontaneity
Brown: Imaginative
Dark Purple: Slightly Low Authoritarianism
Dark Pink: Slightly High Empathy
Green: Average Agency
Dark Blue: Low Masculinity

So, if you are ever wondering who I you have me in a box full of color. And while I would rather it be swirls or something more beautiful and less constrained then a box, It is still colorful and that makes it okay with me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you... I love this! I just took the test too and it said that I am a benevolent creator, just like you, but my colored box is totally differnt. That was really cool. Thanks for sharing! I love you! RE: Laura