Friday, January 4, 2008


If God allows me to have children, there are some very specific things that I want to teach them: such as...

1. That God loves them dearly
2. That creation should be taken care of since it reveals who God is
3. That they should follow their dreams no matter what that looks like and how crazy it may seem to others
4. That it is so much fun to play outside
5. That learning can be so amazingly fun

And there are so many more things that I want them to know. But one of the top things that I want my children to understand is how amazing it is to create and be creative. From things like tying a fishing fly to taking a photograph to coloring a page to singing a random made-up song, it is such an awesome thing to be creative and to create.

Aaron and I both have a great passion for this. And we both create in different ways. For example: Aaron loves to paint pictures, to tie flies, to sew, to build things...and all of his things he does with great detail and precision. I on the other hand love to paint, scrapbook, take pictures, create the right lighting for different rooms, and write, all of which I do usually pretty abstractly.

But both of us LOVE to create and be creative. For this reason alone we have what we call the MESSY ROOM down in our basement. In it we have a multicolored rug, painted cabnets, a painted desk, and a painted dresser, we have a wall that you can write on with chalk, we have an art easel, pens, paper, multiple colors of glue, markers, and so much more. One wall currently is just green, but I would love to have sombody paint a mural on it of the Garden of Eden (talk about ultimate creation). The pictures here are of the room and they are dated. Things have changed, the room is incomplete, (and it is messy...which is great) but I hope that truly the room will never be finished. I want it to always change, grow, hold different types of creation and beauty. I HOPE and PRAY that my children will be able to embrace their imagination and create. In fact, I would love to see everyone embrace their creative side. What a beautiful thing it would be to see students, children, adults, anyone who wants to come and use our messy room and CREATE!


Naomi said...

I totally want to hang with you in the messy room!!!
I have a messy room too. It's the only room that I am not cranky and anal in, so I spend most of my time in it. I am in it now. It's the only room where it is OK to thumbtack something to the wall.

I think you'll be an awesome mom! I love being a mom because it's the only job where you get to dabble in all different sorts of things, but never have to make a monotonous career out of any one of them. Presenting the world to a child is SO exciting!

Glad you found me online!!

Eric and Paige said...
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Eric and Paige said...

I think you should let me paint the Garden of Eden mural. Okay maybe not. :-)


Alyssa said...

Cheryl I love it. And that you live the crativity that you have mentored me in...