Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Years go by...

I feel a bit cliche right now as I am thinking about the beginning of a new year and what that means. I feel unoriginal. HOWEVER, that is what is on my mind so take it or leave are my thoughts.

25 years and 283 days ago-I was born

18 years and 195 days ago-I accepted Christ into my heart

14 years and 212 days ago- I was baptised

11 years and 323 days ago- My parents got divorced

8 years and 25 days ago- I started working with the junior high youth group at my church and have worked with students ever since

7 years and 212 days ago-My grandmother, Claretta Christensen, passed away after 60 1/2 years of marriage to my grandfather, 4 children, 14 grandchildren (not including in-laws), and 6 great there are even more

6 years and 193 days ago-I took my first trip to the Czech Republic

5 years and 15 days ago- I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado and got to sit next to one of my absolute best friends and played tick tack toe as some boring guys spoke about who knows what

1 year and 360 days ago- I got married to the most amazing man I have ever known

1 year and 132 days ago- I graduated from Denver Seminary with my Masters Degree

1 day ago-I spent the day with my mom and my husband playing games, eating crab legs and artichokes, and celebrating that there is another year to look forward too!

And looking forward...

In 5 months- my Senior High seniors will be graduating and I will have to say goodbye to three of the most amazing girls I have ever worked with. There is only one other that compares and she is in school out of the country. I will miss these ladies.

In 8 months- one of my best guy friends will be getting married to the girl who is absolutely perfect for him

In 1 year and 4 months- I will have been at my current job for a full two years and will get three weeks of vacation...YIPPIEE

In 2 years- Aaron and I will hopefully be starting a family and have probably a very insane, but wonderful childIn 3 years and 7 months-we will have every last penny of every last loan paid off!!! Financial Freedom will be so great...maybe we could even be thinking about going to Czech for a few years at that point!

In 8 years and 5 days- Aaron and I will have been married for 10 years.

and the days and years roll by each holding beautiful and wonderful things and scary and hard things, and each second of all of it, God knows what he is doing. So beautiful!

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