Thursday, January 31, 2008

Going Home!

Some of the Czech I know:
Pivo, Vino, Zmrzlina, Caj,
Ahoj, Diky, Cau, Prosim
Modra, Zitra, Cervena, Bila
Pupek, Ojo, Prst, krk
Medved, Zaba, Ryba, Had

English Translation:
beer, wine, ice cream, tea
Hello, thanks, bye, please
blue, yellow, red, white
belly button, eye, finger, neck
bear, frog, fish, snake

What does this mean? It means that I am going to be able to use these words again in 6 months. After much prayer and much dialogue with both my boss and my husband, the decision was made that I would be going back to my second home. I get to go back to fruit dumplings, the Czech language, the Lipus family, and the so many students that I adore.

Each year I go over and each year I feel like God uses me in different ways. Some years I feel like I have connected with the whole camp, some years it has been my room, some years it has been just my class, and other years it is just a few very specific students. But every year God uses me and every year I fall more and more in love with the Czech people. I can't even imagine what I will be doing this year and how camp will be, but there is something absolutely amazing about getting to go over again. I didn't think it would happen, but it did.

Here are the things I am excited for this next trip...if it can happen:
1. To see Adela, Georgey, Cilco, and Pavla
2. To see Jumper and Osvald
3. To see my class from last year and to see Ondra and how he has grown
4. To spend follow-up with the Lipus family
5. To meet my new class
6. To bond with my new teaching partner
7. To support the Czech team
8. To walk through this trip with Brandi
9. To have dinner with Ivo
10. To see Aaron really lead this team in a strong way
11. To hang with Nate
12. To watch God move again
13. To engage with the students
14. To see Richard
15. To see how things are different this year
16. The many other things that I can't even write

This is my mom and Adela last year

This was in a rose garden Richard took Aaron, my Mom, Sarah, and I too.

This was at a Train Station in Ostrava

This was during an Ice Breaker Game

This is Ester Lipusova and I

This is part of a broken cobblestone walkway in Prague

This is my favorite statue in Prague, it depicts what Communism does to a person, as you can see, the person starts to fade away into nothing at the top. Such a powerful piece.

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kvewing said...

I am very, very excited for you to return to Czech and for God to use you in ways that will boggle your mind!