Monday, January 14, 2008

Home, art, and other good things

As I looked around my house last night, I thought about what are some of the things that I absolutely love around my house. What THINGS make me smile, make me happy, make my soul want to do a sweet tap dance jig. I am an extremely sentimental person and so you will see that most of my favorite things also tie into my favorite memories. There are two things that I didn't take pictures of, but one of them is the huge family Bible that my grandpa gave me when I graduated from College and one is the 60th wedding anniversary book that we made from Grandpa and Grandma, which Grandpa gave me when I got married. Those are the absolute most special, but there are others too, so here they are.

1. In my wedding, one of the most special moments was when Aaron and I washed each other's feet. Aaron's dad made us this pitcher by hand using 18 century tools. We bought the bowl. But the pitcher was one of the most meaningful things that we have ever had given to us. The flowers that are inside are from two different missions trips to Europe. The Calla Lily's are from Vienna (we did a camp for missionary kids) and the tulips are from Prague (we do English camps out there every year). The calla lilys we got when we were engaged (and we also had real calla Lily's in our wedding) and the tulips we got when we were married.

2. My type writer, this was given to me by my former student and current friend, Alyssa. I love type writers. I love the way they sound, I love the feel of pushing down the keys, I love the ding when you get to the end of the line. I LOVE them. So, for a complete surprise, Alyssa bought me a type writer that she found. It is one of my most favorite things in the world. I love this. All I need now is an ink ribbon.

3. My new clock. I just got this on Saturday. I have had my eye on this clock for at least two, maybe even three years. This artist is so creative and colorful and FUN! So, as we were up in Frisco for a getaway anniversary weekend, Aaron surprised me and got it for me! He actually told me before we went up that he was going to get it for me, but it was still a surprise! AND, I was so happy because they had the one I wanted there!

4. This was Aaron's anniversary gift. Once again I have been looking at this up in Frisco for years. This to me is so symbolic and SO Aaron. He loves to rock climb and I just see that this piece shows community and dependence. I know that I am putting way more meaning in it than there was ever intended to be, but the moment I saw this sculpture, I hoped I would be able to get it someday!

5. The ice climber, this was the first thing I ever bought from The Columbine Art gallery up in Frisco. This was a gift I gave to Aaron that was a real sacrifice to buy because I got it while I was in Seminary, but it was so worth it. I love this little guy, and I know how amazing of an experience it was for Aaron to go ice climbing, so I was glad to get this for him.

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Naomi said...

I love your new clock! It is so cute!
I need to go to that shop in Frisco.
I am not a sentimental person, but art makes me happy too.