Friday, January 18, 2008

Some Cheryl Thoughts...

I love artists, from carpenters, to writers, to photographers, to painters, to musicians. I LOVE ARTISTS. I am intrigued by them and captured by their work. Each person's creation shows me a glimpse of the person who created it. For example, I have numerous friends who are photographers, and if I were to give each one the same camera and put them in the same spot and told them they could only take ten pictures, each one of them would have different film. Each shot would be different because each eye looking through the lens is different. The photos created would represent each person who took them. The same is true with any other type of artistic expression. My husband's paintings have a style unique to him and even if he was painting the exact same scene as my friend Jami or my friend Naomi, the pictures would look different. That is why I love artists; their creation reveals a piece of them.

God does this with all he creates as well. God reveals part of who he is through each thing he creates. All of His work has His fingerprints on it. From the stars, to the animals, to the planets, to the flowers, to every single person. Absolutely everything made reveals its creator. Our art reveals who we are, from a photograph to wood work, to paintings, and we reveal who God is, from our personality, to our creativity, to our dreams.

We need to grasp the truth that we are part of the creation and we mimic God when we create. There are two key things that I think are a part of this truth. First, we are a part of the Artist's masterpiece, of God's creation. We need to take care of the masterpiece because every part of it points to the artist. We need to take care of this world and what is in it. When we disrespect the creation, we are ultimately disrespecting the creator. When we tear apart one another or when we contaminate this world, it is like we are taking a black sharpie to a Van Gogh or a Vettriano (one of my favorite artists) and drawing all over it ruining the creation of the creator. We need to take care of this world and the people in it because by doing so we are taking care of what God has made.

The second part is that we need to embrace artists and creators and learn from what they show us about creating. I think of all of the things that God shows us through artist; he shows us beauty, he shows us care, he shows us love, he shows us freedom. What a beautiful way to see God and see who he is. When I look at a painting or a photograph or a carving from an artist, I can't help but think about God as the Creator. I can't help but think about how God has allowed different people to see him in different ways, express him in different ways, and how much we can learn from each others differences. Each artist expresses him or herself and in turn expresses who God is in and through them.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my photographs and the way my eye sees things!


kvewing said...

I love this view on art. I think you're right and that is why people crave to create. We want to be like our own Creator, and make our own beauty. As you said, each photographer would take totally different shots, capture different beauties, and that is all the more reason for us to try and look at things from every angle. The more angles we see, the more we understand.

Naomi said...

Right on, sister.
I think you might be a real artist.

.::JoSePhinE::. said...

Nice blog!!
may I link you to mine?
hugs from Switzerland